Liberty Middle School PTA

6801 Union Mill Road
Clifton, VA  20124

Overview of PTA Roles

Liberty Middle School is a wonderful community because of its extensive support and the volunteer contribution of people just like you!  Job descriptions for PTA board and committee chair roles are listed in the next section below.  To get you started, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions:

What PTA board positions are available?
PTA board positions are open to any Liberty parent and do not require previous board or PTA experience.  If you are interested in a PTA board position for the following school year, you should contact a nominating committee member in January or February.

How do PTA board positions get filled?
A nominating committee is elected in February or March of each school year.  This committee then seeks out nominees for each board position and presents a slate of candidates to the membership at the March or April PTA meeting.  Board elections are conducted at the May PTA meeting.

How do PTA committee chair positions get filled?
Once a PTA board is elected, the PTA president for the following school year will begin seeking individuals to fill committee chair roles.  If you are interested in a PTA committee chair position for the following school year, please contact the current PTA president or any current board member.

What are the basic and shared job responsibilities of board members and chairs?
  • Help to recruit and train your successor
  • Keep binders up-to-date; maintain good files
  • Attend PTA meetings whenever possible

What are the basic job responsibilities of board members?
All of the above, plus:
  • Attend board meetings scheduled as needed throughout the school year
  • Act as liaison between President and board and those Chairs who fall in to your subject area 

What kind of files should I keep?
It is a great help if you create and/or audit a binder for your position and to have a short orientation when you hand it over to your successor.  An ideal binder contains a summary of the position, a calendar or timeline for your job or event, your budget, vendors used, ideas you tried and liked or didn't like, fliers you created, feedback you received, and anything else you think would help your successor to get a good start.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

What helps to make Liberty such a great community?  Our parent volunteers, of course!  Liberty Middle School takes great pride in its tremendous parent volunteer support.  You can really make a difference!

We hope that the following information will help you find a role and answer your basic questions about how to join in Liberty Middle School's volunteer effort.

Thank you for your contribution to our community!

Responsibilities of a Committee Chair include the following:

  • Providing notice of all meetings to all committee members, including the PTA president
  • Working closely with other committee chairs and, where possible, combining efforts to avoid duplication and strengthen programs and projects with new ideas and manpower
  • Preparing committee reports for meetings
  • Seeking member and board approval before taking any action

An effective PTA member goals include the following:

  • Sustain and increase a diverse membership that reflects the surrounding community
  • Work collaboratively with the school staff and community
  • Help conduct programs that encourage all parents to be involved in the school
  • Help conduct programs that inform parents about student achievement, as well as student health and well-being, and organize actions to address those issues
  • Help develop PTA leadership for the future

Executive Committee position descriptions

President (about 2-4 hours per week)
  • Runs the PTA meetings
  • Is the official representative to the district
  • Represents the PTA
  • Speaks on behalf of the PTA and supports all the volunteers
  • Regular tasks include creating & communicating meeting agendas, and attending Executive Board Meetings.  
  • The president is a member of all committees (except the Nominating Committee), so can attend any or all meetings as needed or when helpful.  
  • The President oversees the overall PTA calendar and adherence to bylaws and procedures.  This is mainly communicating and DELEGATING!
  • The President should NOT do all the work!

1st Vice President (about 1 hour per week)
  • Oversees Membership
  • Assists with PTA events
  • Fill in for the President if that officer is unable to serve.
  • Act as aide to the President
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve

2nd Vice President (about 1-2 hours per month)
  • Is in charge of Ways and Means (fundraising)
  • Assists with PTA events and fundraisers throughout the year
  • Fill in for the President if that officer is unable to serve.
  • Act as aide to the President
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve

Recording Secretary (about 1-2 hours per month)
  • Record all business transacted at each meeting of the association and of the executive committee/board, and present the minutes for approval at the next meeting.
  • Executive committee/board minutes are read at executive committee/board meetings
  • General membership minutes are read at general membership meetings
  • Presents prior month's minutes for approval
  • All members of the executive committee/board should receive written copies of the minutes for their procedure books.
  • Records meeting attendance 
  • Maintains the records of all PTA and Executive Board meetings

Corresponding Secretary (about 1 hour per week)
  • Assists PTA President throughout the year in writing correspondence such as thank-you notes, good for a working parent (not very time-consuming)
  • Attend all meetings of the association
  • Receive and review all correspondence received by the association
  • Read all correspondence received at PTA meetings
  • Notify officers, committee members, and delegates of their election or appointment
  • Send out notices of executive committee, board, and other meetings
  • Send out cards, thank you letters, etc.
  • Write any other letters as directed by the president or the local PTA
  • Keep a file of all correspondence.

Treasurer (about 1-2 hours per week)
  • Manages the budget
  • Writes the checks
  • Balances the books
  • Prepares documents for the auditor(s)
  • Presents the monthly Treasurer's Report to the PTA general membership at the PTA meetings
  • Prepares the annual tax return

Committee Chair / Volunteer position descriptions

Auditor (need 3 members per the bylaws)
  • Audit PTA financial records (every 2 years or when books change hands during the year)

Back-to-School Fair
  • Preparations begin in MAY of previous school year
  • Coordinate with the President and other board members about what will be included in the PTA packet which is included in the school's Back-to-School Parent packet distributed at the Back-to-School Fair
  • Coordinate with various chairs to compose various forms and flyers for PTA packet inclusion
  • Help with the compilation of the various items:
    • Make copies of these forms/flyers
    • Label envelopes with return address information
    • Staple envelopes to these flyers when needed
  • Assemble the PTA packet (recruit help for this if needed)
  • Coordinate the assembly of the school's Parent Packet which occurs in August
    • Work with the principal's executive secretary to determine dates for assembly (the event should happen about a week before the Back-to-School Fair)
    • Recruit volunteers for the Packet Assembly "Party" (both parent AND students); (students can earn community hours for this)
    • Bring along community service forms for students who need them.
    • Ask school to provide refreshments for the event

Baking / Bake Sales
  • Solicit and package treats to sell
  • Done once or twice per year
  • Recruit workers and work at the sale during various events

Book Covers
  • Maintain ample supply of book covers
  • Order additional book covers if needed
  • Sell book covers during the Back-to-School Fair in August

Book Fairs
  • Coordinate the marketing, sales, set-up and tear-down, staffing, inventory control, and overall operations of the Fall and Spring Book Fairs
  • A team of chairpeople is recommended

Box Tops for Education
  • Collect "Box Tops" coupons and submits them for reimbursement twice annually(?)
  • Promote participation through tools found on the Box Tops website
Candy Grams
  • Coordinate/assist in the sales of and delivery to classrooms and/or faculty mailboxes of the candy grams.  This fundraiser occurs at various times of the year, mainly the following:
    • Pumpkin Grams (October)
    • Winter Wonder Grams (December)
    • Valentine Grams (February)
    • Spring Grams (April)
    • Spring-into-Summer (June)

Eighth Grade Dance
  • Coordinates and plans the end of school year 8th grade dance (planning begins in late fall/early winter)
  • Delegates work to sub-committees

ESOL Liaison
  • Coordinates with ESOL teacher(s)
  • Provides assistance within classroom and with ESOL parents
  • Acts as a liaison between students, parents, and PTA
  • Encourages ESOL parent involvement in school community
  • Plans at least one social event for ESOL families (?)

Health Screening
  • Coordinate volunteers for health screening of specified students in early fall.

Hip Hop 'n' Hoops (formerly called the Fall Ball)
  • Coordinate volunteers for this event (using Sign-up Genius, etc....)

  • The Chair is the official host of the PTA unit and, with a committee, has the responsibility of establishing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at PTA meetings and events.
  • The committee helps to create a sense of belonging that invites members to become involved in PTA activities
  • Coordinates the Back-to-School Teacher Luncheon in August
  • Carries out other hospitality duties as needed

Lobby Display Case
  • Beautify the display case
  • Put in the current month's calendar of events
  • Insert relevant flyers and other information relating to events happening around the school

Magazine Drive
  • Work with the school staff to facilitate the magazine fundraiser which benefits the school; occurs in early fall.

  • Coordinate with Back-to-School Chair for inclusion of membership form in the PTA packet
    • Develop the letter/membership form for Liberty parents AND faculty
    • Stamping membership envelopes for distribution
    • Staple envelopes to the membership forms
    • Collect envelopes at the Back-to-School Fair
  • Record membership names and information (both parent and faculty) in an EXCEL spreadsheet
  • Collect, count, and deposit money with the Treasurer
  • Ongoing throughout the year
  • This is a good position for a parent working daytime hours

Minority Achievement
  • Work with school staff to promote minority student achievement

No-Fuss Fundraiser
  • Prepare flyer and make the xerox copies for inclusion in the Back-to-School PTA packet
  • Put return address labels on envelopes
  • Staple envelopes to flyers
  • Coordinate with the Back-to-School Chair
  • Collect envelopes at the Back-to-School Fair
  • Count the funds and hand it over to the Treasurer
  • Monitor ongoing donations and submit the funds to the Treasurer
  • Thank you notes/tax receipt to all donors

Office Volunteers
  • Coordinate the office volunteer schedule
  • Volunteers assist office staff with filing, sorting, and other duties

  • Contacting the state PTA office for the year's updated rules, materials, and deadlines
  • Establishing a Reflections Program network and answering questions
  • Establishing a timeline
  • Promoting the Reflections Program to parents, students, and teachers
  • Distributing the rules, local deadlines, Student Entry Forms and Consent Forms
  • Collecting and cataloging entries
  • Recruiting judges and setting up the judging process and judging dates
  • Announcing and recognizing winners
  • Submitting winning entries to the next level of judging
  • Submitting required forms and tracing participation
  • Keeping records
  • Returning artwork to participants

Restaurant Night

Special Education Liaison
  • Attends meetings of the Fairfax County Council of PTAs Special Education Committee (
  • Shares relevant information about special education and related activities and events with the school community
  • Reviews and, as appropriate, reports on recent activities of the FCPS Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (
  • Provides periodic updates to the PTA

Spirit Wear
  • Facilitate design of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other Spirit Wear
  • Obtain samples from vendor
  • Pre-sell at the Back-to-School Fair, order and deliver product (sales during the fall)
Student Council Liaison
  • Be the liaison to the PTA and the Student Council Association; help faculty and SCA coordinate activities and provide support.

Student Directory
  • Knowledge of MS Word or MS Publisher helpful
  • Help coordinate and solicit advertising from various businesses
  • Compile data collected from the PTA President and Student Services Secretary (Jenni Carnahan) to compose directory
  • Work with PTA President and Student Services Secretary for any changes in content or format
  • Arrange for professional printer to have materials printed and collated
  • Distribute the directory to the families using the PTA membership cards printed by the Membership Chair

Student Recognition
  • Work with the Student Services Department to acquire volunteers for distributing programs and visitor stickers to parents before Honor Roll and End-of-Year Award Ceremonies
  • Help distribute A/B Honor Roll certificates to students during lunch periods

Supermarket Liaison (BJ's, Giant Foods A+/Harris Teeter)
  • For BJ's:
    • Work closely with BJ's corporate liaison to decide on application and renewal deadlines for submittal
    • For the Back-to-School Fair (a lot of work!):
      •  Edit/adjust the application and information flyer for the Back-to-School Fair in August
      • Prepare labels for envelopes
      • Staple the envelopes to the flyers
      • Collect and submit all applications and funds to the BJ's corporate liaison throughout the year
      • Receive  12 months tacked onto your BJ's membership for free!!!
  • For loyalty/rewards cards (Harris Teeter, Giant Foods, etc.) bonus programs
    • Research and publish ways for the PTA/school to make money through frequent buyer programs at local supermarkets and retailers

Volunteer Coordinator
  • Oversees volunteer management.  Duties include:
    • Contacts every person who offers to volunteer
    • Surveys potential volunteers to determine their skills and areas of interest
    • Arranges for general orientation of all volunteers, as well as volunteer workshops or training sessions (if applicable)
    • Helps volunteers become familiar with school policies, people, programs, and the school building itself
    • Explains the volunteer program to teachers, and surveys teachers to determine their needs for volunteer help
    • Matches the needs of teachers with the interests and abilities of volunteers in making assignments
    • Provides a variety of experiences for volunteers
    • Tracks what projects volunteers worked on and time spent
    • Keeps volunteer files current and in order

Website Design / Maintenance
  • Manage and update school and PTA information on the website

Yearbook Liaison
  • Work closely with the school's Yearbook Coordinator (art teacher)
  • Heavily involved with the sales and year-end distribution of yearbooks; the yearbook is published through the school.