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6801 Union Mill Road
Clifton, VA  20124

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There are many activities that we hope to conduct and provide for our kids this upcoming year, but without membership in the PTA those things do not happen!  The PTA provides crucial funding for SOL preparation, ensures the annual 8th Grade Celebration is a hit, provides the school with motivational speakers for the kids, organizes much needed volunteers for the school's needs, hosts teacher appreciation events for our great educators, and many other things. 

However, none of that happens without the support of us parents.  So, download and print out this Membership Form and No Fuss Fundraiser Form (coming soon), bring them to the Back to School Fair or Back to School Night, and come find us at the PTA table.  We look forward to working with you all for a great year for our kids and teachers! 

Stay tuned for more PTA information coming soon!

Upcoming events:

7th grade Orientation:  Thursday, August 22 from 9 am - 11 am

Back to School Fair:  Thursday, August 22 from 3 pm - 5 pm

The PTA will be in the cafeteria during the Back to School Fair accepting membership forms and dues as well as selling spirit wear!

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From the FCPS Website

My FCPS - Family Edition


General Information

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing Plans

Due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, it may be necessary to close schools for the entire day, to open schools late, or to close early.

Parents are urged to make arrangements now for the care of their children when schedule changes are made (and to provide for the rare situation when it is necessary to close an individual school because of a power failure or other circumstances). Children should know where to go if a parent will not be home.

Decisions on schedule changes are made after careful study of the best information available from many sources including weather services, the highway department, the police, and FCPS transportation staff members who are out checking the roads. FCPS will make every effort to decide, before 4:30 a.m., whether to close or delay schools and will begin communicating the decision once it is made. The 4:30 a.m. decision time is a goal. Weather conditions can deteriorate after 4:30 a.m., which means that it may not be possible for FCPS to meet that goal. While no sources dealing with weather predictions can be infallible, decisions are made with one overriding consideration—the safety of all students—those who ride buses and those who walk to school each day.

FCPS has several schedules set up to deal with inclement weather; these are put into effect when conditions threaten the safety of children who are walking or riding school buses to schools. These schedules are:

(1) Keep schools closed. (2) Open two hours late. (3) Close two hours early.

In every case of a schedule change:

  • Tune in to local radio and television stations (including cable Channel 21, a channel programmed by FCPS), which are notified as soon as a decision is made.
  • Check
  • Check Facebook ( or Twitter (

Do not phone the school or one of the stations for this information. To receive this information via e-mail, sign up for the FCPS Keep in Touch (KIT) e-mail notification system. (See article on how to subscribe and how to update your Keep in Touch information or go to

For more information, go to

If you want to learn more about how FCPS administrators decide to delay or close schools during inclement weather, you can check out a short video, which is available online going to

Please note: FCPS schools are open unless information is posted or sent that indicates schools are closed, opening late, or closing early. During an emergency closing situation in which other local school systems are closed or delayed and FCPS is open on time, the crawl for local TV stations WJLA (ABC 7) and NewsChannel 8 will indicate "No Report" for FCPS.

Download the new FCPS Mobile APP

Fairfax County Public Schools has designed a new mobile app for parents to provide easy access to information you need where and when you need it.

Here's what you can do with the mobile app:

  • Get the latest news from FCPS in Top Stories.
  • Check out lunch menus in the Energy Zone icon.
  • Find your school in the Directory.
  • Find important school year dates and events in Calendars.
  • Go to Settings to get news and updates from schools you select.
  • Access your school’s athletic schedule and support your team by clicking on the Sports icon. This feature is currently under construction.
  • Check out the FCPS Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

The FCPS Mobile app is free and available now for download on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads in the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Note: The FCPS Mobile app will continue to be updated with new features throughout the year. It is intended to be a convenient tool to find information and is not intended to replace the FCPS website.

Keep Your Emergency Contact and Health Information Up-to-Date by Using [email protected]

Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to ensuring a safe and secure climate in all its facilities. FCPS is pleased to announce the continuation of the [email protected] (weCare) online emergency care information service for parents and guardians who have registered to access FCPS 24-7 Learning (also known as Blackboard) at Parents should use weCare to update their information annually at the start of school and thereafter whenever changes to the health or contact information occur during the course of the school year.

weCare allows parents to use a secure web-based option for keeping their child’s emergency care and health information current. For example, if a parent needs to change an emergency contact number or update his or her child’s medical condition(s), accessing weCare in FCPS 24-7 Learning provides a quick, easy, and secure method for doing so. Keeping emergency contact information current also ensures that FCPS will be able to contact you, in case of an emergency such as a school closing or delayed opening, through the Keep in Touch messaging system, found at

Parent online access is just one of three major weCare components. Once a parent updates his or her child’s information using weCare, the school’s student information assistant reviews the submission and confirms the information before the student information database is updated. Additionally, weCare has a mobile component that provides first responders with access to emergency care information via handheld wireless devices.

For additional information about weCare, go to

Parents: Sign Up Now for FCPS 24-7 Learning

All parents, legal guardians, and foster parents of FCPS students are eligible to receive their own user accounts for FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard). Since the program was made available to parents in March 2007, more than 29,000 parents have already signed up for their own accounts.

Registration provides several benefits. With their own accounts, parents no longer have to share account information with their children in order to visit their online class sites in FCPS 24-7. An account, which provides access to theParent View page in FCPS 24-7, allows parents to directly access all their children’s class sites from this one location. This allows parents to view class announcements and materials shared with students and, in most cases, provides a direct link to each of their children’s teachers’ FCPS e-mail addresses for easy communication. Please Note: By updating your child's emergency contact information in FCPS 24-7 you are also updating your account information for messages from the Keep in Touch (KIT) Basic message system.

Telephone Parent Information Line Available in Seven Languages

Parents who speak Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, or Vietnamese can call a telephone information line to help them learn general information about FCPS and to receive support if they are having difficulty communicating with their children's schools due to a language barrier.

The Parent Information Line numbers are:

  • Arabic—571-423-4952
  • Chinese—571-423-4953
  • Farsi—571-423-4954
  • Korean—571-423-4951
  • Spanish—571-423-4950
  • Urdu—571-423-4955
  • Vietnamese—571-423-4956

A parent may call at any time, leave a message in his or her language, and receive a return phone call in that language from an FCPS staff member within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

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